stuff…no baby

On Saturday of last week, I had a baby shower, put on by my mother and aunt.  As much as I didn’t want to have a baby shower, they were so sweet to do it for me.  I appreciated it, and I had a complete blast.  Not to mention, I made it home with lots of cute baby clothes. 

I love baby clothes.

On Sunday we took the kids to church, and came home to play in the snow.  It actually snowed 2 inches on Sunday and melted by Monday.  When we moved to our mountain “holler” we were under the assumption that we would get a lot of snow.  It has yet to happen this year.  Tanner cracked me up in the snow, he ran circles, laughed, played, jumped, and anything else one can do.  He really enjoyed it, which was surprising considering last year, he cried every time he touched snow.

Monday, I went to the OB, where I was told I was considered full term, and that this pregnancy has just been great.  No problems.  That is a blessing of course, and we look forward to baby girl making her appearance any time……

Well we did anyway.

Monday after my appointment, we took the kids to the aquarium.  They had so much fun.  It was A&T’s first time at the aquarium, and they were mesmerized by the many fish and turtles.  They really liked the penguins, and now I’m even more anxious to take them to the zoo when the weather warms.

On Tuesday, John took the boys to his Dad’s house, and I took Anna to the doctor.  I felt like she was a little “off” and there were sores in her mouth.  Turns out, she has strep.  This was kind of shocking, but I went ahead and scheduled to have the boys tested in the afternoon.  Turns out all three kids now have strep throat.

How is that possible?!

You would not know they are sick.  They are running, jumping, yelling, eating, and pretty much being their normal selves.  I have had strep, and I felt just awful.  John had strep the last time, and one would have thought he was dying.

I’m going to just be full of pride here, and say that I feed them such a nutritious diet, that maybe it is contributing to the fact that they feel so well being sick 🙂  I put a lot of effort and thought into what I put into their bodies, it’s nice to see it paying off.

On a side note:

Why does tylenol and antibiotics have high fructose corn syrup and red dye #40 in it?  This infuriates me.  That stuff is junk, why is it in medicine?

So that’s our week in a nutshell, after tonight the kids are no longer contagious, so baby girl can come 🙂 I’m so excited to meet her.  I’m excited for the kids to meet her as well 🙂

2 thoughts on “stuff…no baby

  1. Hi there,
    I enjoy your blog…love to pop by and read it when I get a chance. Wanted to give you a big “Yes! I totally get your frustration!” to the comment about the artificial color and high fructose corn syrup in medicine 🙂 I HAVE found pain relievers with no artificial dye in them, though…you just have to look for it amongst the yucky ones- there is usually one brand that is dye-free (because mom's don't want it staining clothes 🙂 ) The HFCS is another battle…

    I'm sure they ARE healthy because of your great menus! I joke with my husband about the same thing- even our sick isn't usually VERY sick 😉

    Praying all goes well with the arrival of the new little one!



  2. I will have to look online, our stores only carry a few things as far as pain relievers. It just doesn't make any sense to make medicine taste like candy, seems to encourage kids to want it. I know it's so parents won't have to fight, but I don't know, I guess I'm spoiled, my kids know they just have to eat/drink/etc. whatevever Mommy gives them. Kudos to you on keeping your kids healthy as well 🙂


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