I don’t mean to brag….

OH but wait YES I do 🙂

My two children that are chromosomally enhanced have both in the past few days figured out (separately as in one cannot see the other has no idea the other is doing something) a fairly difficult puzzle!

Three months ago, I could give Anna or Tanner a puzzle, and they would sit there and stair at it.  It was a foreign object, something that posed a struggle, something not to be messed with.  There is a lot going on with a puzzle you know.  This one that they have completed is a wooden puzzle, so you are not fitting the cardboard pieces together, but it was difficult none the less.

In fact, back at Christmas time when they received the puzzle, it did take Andy a good 15 minutes to figure it out.  He’s kind of a puzzle whisperer, so that should give you an idea of the difficulty level.

And they both figured it out!

There was no crying, no yelling at it, no throwing pieces, no giving up.  They actually both enjoyed the puzzle.  They found enjoyment in something difficult.  They didn’t give up.  They allowed themselves to be challenged, and met the challenge.

What a great thing to come on the cusp of my “what can I do for Anna” post. 

To some, celebrating your two 7 year old children doing a puzzle would be ridiculous, but I don’t care.  This is big to me.  Puzzles require problem solving, higher order thinking (to some degree), and persistence.  Those are big to me.  I am celebrating that!

P.s. camera battery is still somewhere to be found, thus no picture of my two mastering the puzzle….hope I find it before babe makes her appearance.

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