The Real Valentine’s Day…Parenting Style

As a young married couple John and I spent our Valentine’s days together snuggling, watching movies, romantic dates, etc.  That was if he wasn’t off doing some military duty thing. 

Now, we are parents 3 and 3/4 children.

You might ask yourself, how does Valentine’s Day go with that many children?  I can tell you how. 

Upon awaking, one kid who is known to pee their bed on purpose, does so just as a special treat for the morning.  So the mess is cleaned, kids are all brushed and dressed, and breakfast is set on the table.  Sweet cards are received from one kid, with so much excitement, my heart melts.

One kid spits their food in the floor.  One cries through breakfast, one holds their ears through the meal, and alas finally it is over.  The hubs heads out the door to a doctor appointment.  There is laundry to be done, a kitchen to clean, floors to be swept, and school lessons to be taught.  During said school lessons, one child chooses to throw down in a fit.  Said child is punished, but quickly forgets what has been done to cause punishment, and not surprisingly moves on to some new form of “how can I get in trouble now-ness.”

The hubs returns with long stem red roses and a beautiful card.  So sweet.  No time for romance though, as chickens and dogs have to be fed and watered, and wood needs to be carried in.  So I prepare lunch while the hubs does that.

One child decides they do not want to follow the rules at the lunch table.  One thinks that their heart shaped sandwich is the absolute best thing to happen all day. 

In the afternoon, there is a date in order.

It just happens to include the 3 and 3/4 children.

A restaurant….ooooh such a treat when you live in a virtually restaurant free town.  However, since it is wrestling practice night, and you’ll be in a larger town….why not.

One child decides they have no idea how to get their coat off, sit in a chair, feed themselves, nor drink from a cup.  I’m thinking to much stimulation from such a loud place.  The hubs and I sit side by side, it’s still a sweet moment.

This Momma gets carsick….and one child gets gas.  Yup, cause nothing says romantic Valentine’s Day like a gassy child.

We head off to wrestling practice to watch a bunch of small children put each other in headlocks.

On the way home, the hubs runs over a skunk……

The only thing worse on the romance-o-meter than gassy child is dead skunk…in case you were wondering. 

By the time we get home, all three kids are over tired, cranky, and we begin the marathon of night time routine.

Bed time for all is surely to follow 🙂

Valentine’s day for the parents has to mean romance in small spurts throughout the year, because there is no guarantees on any specific day, no matter what the calendar says that day is.  It means focusing on the value of all kinds of love, not just the love between hubs and wife.  Celebrating the little sweet moments, and either finding humor in or forgetting the other moments.  Giving thanks to God for all the days of the year, and all the loves in one’s life.

One thought on “The Real Valentine’s Day…Parenting Style

  1. This is hysterical, but oh, so true! Love comes in many forms and manifestations, and it's clear that your family is solidly founded upon love…

    Glad you had such a memorable Valentine's Day!

    Susan up the road


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