cutest and sweetest award

So by now I am sure that most of you know, it is indeed Valentine’s Day.  The love is being shared around the world in many different ways.  However, I feel confident saying this, the cutest and sweetest Valentine award goes to Andy and Anna 🙂 (But I could be biased.)

Oh my gosh this morning my heart just melted into a puddle.  Andy took Anna to his room to give her a valentine card he had made.  She squealed and said thank you, and that it was cute, and run into the kitchen to show me her “book” from Andy.  She jumped up and down, she laughed, she thanked him some more, and danced with her valentine and “baby heart.” 

What could be more cute than that?

The excitement her brother had over her joy.  He was so beside himself with happiness at how well received his gift was.  I wish I could have got that on camera, but my camera died just after the one and only pic I got. 

This is a memory I will hold forever.  It was so incredibly sweet and cute. 

Happy Valentine’s Day ya’ll 🙂

One thought on “cutest and sweetest award

  1. i'm glad you were able to get the one photo. what a precious moment between your children!! even without additional pictures, i believe it's a memory you will always hold and treasure in your heart. thanks for sharing.


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