When you’re ready.

Dear Baby,

It has been a joy to have you growing and jumping on the inside.  However, for the last few weeks, you’ve had your head in an uncomfortable position, you are so low I can’t believe you haven’t taken leave yet.

All of your clothes are washed, diapers prepped, siblings ready.


You have a carseat, a packed bag, cute things to wear.


Even cute things to spit up on.

The doctor says you are ready.  Please come out and meet your anxious Momma 🙂

P.s….if you could come out naturally and without any pain that would ROCK!

2 thoughts on “When you’re ready.

  1. There is a picture book from several years ago, entitled simply “Baby” – in which Baby likes “riding around in Mama” too much to come out! Various relatives try various enticements, but it's only when the members of the family begin to give one another hugs and kisses that Baby decides to make her appearance, as she just can't participate from within. Wish I could recall the author/illustrator, but it's a great little book that just might be apt right now.

    Baby's nursery is precious – so colorful and creative. I like the honeysuckle baskets, too.

    Hope there will soon be six in your family!

    Take care and very best wishes for the weeks ahead-

    Susan up the road


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