Cloth diapering is kind of just “the way” for us.  We started doing it with Andy when he was around three months old, and then we did it for our two foster babies.  Now, as we approach the birth of baby girl, we’ll be doing it again. 

I have used every type of cloth diaper out there from the pockets, the aio’s, the fitteds, wool covers, pul covers, and prefolds.  We like prefolds the best for under 1. 

Prefolds (not the kind you buy at walmart….you know the gerber ones….those aren’t sturdy quality) are simple, efficient, and a workhorse of a diaper.  They are the big rectangular diapers that can be pinned or even trifolded and layed in a cover.  John is a pro at the prefolds 🙂

Prefolds are also plain.

Until now.

I took some fabric, and embellished our prefolds.

I also took some fabric (same fabric) and used it for the burp cloths.  My grandma had bought me two dozen of the gerber prefolds, but since the don’t hold pee very well, I thought they would make cute spit-up catchers.  So I turned and top stitched a bunch of these as well.

A little cuteness for a dirty subject 🙂

2 thoughts on “Embellished

  1. Kisha, I am in awe of your creativity! Miss Baby is going to be the most fashion-forward infant in the Bluegrass State (and probably beyond…). Can't wait to see her – and to see her in these cute little dydies!

    Susan up the road


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