"Hooked" on Cute!

I went to the doc on Monday, and she told me the baby was way down and engaged.  I still technically have about 5 weeks to go, so I’m resting more, and staving off the contractions.  It was a funny visit though, because she started off being concerned that due to my desires to have a vbac, I would go overdue and then need an induction (which I can’t have as a vbac candidate).  Then she went to measure me, and changed her mind quickly once she felt where the baby is currently residing in my body.  Then we were talking about sitting more, and doing much less than usual.

I can try that.

Sitting isn’t something that I do so much of during the days.  The kids can’t handle it if I’m sitting, they are used to the house running like a machine, and us always doing something. 

So what do you do when you sit and don’t watch television?


Why make cute baby things of course.  The owl hat is a favorite of mine, I’ve made other people a newborn owl hat before, but never one for my own…you know since I have large children 🙂  This set is super cute, and matches the baby’s coming home outfit. 

Anna tells me it “cuuuuute” a thousand times over…..but I’m not sure she really understands the word cute, because the other day, the toilet paper roll was “cuuuuute.” 


I also made the yellow hat, and I’m considering making Anna one to match.  Cute big sis, lil sis hats for church 🙂 I really liked this pattern, it was quick to crochet, cute, and well I just love flowers.

Both patterns were found on ravelry. 

4 thoughts on “"Hooked" on Cute!

  1. Oh, these are ADORABLE!!! I can't wait to see them on your little sweetie 🙂
    Now just sit there and take it easy…and make some more adorable outfits 🙂



  2. Love the baby hats – hope you'll make Anna one like the flower-trimmed hat, as yellow is certainly her color and it would be so sweet to have big sister and baby sister match.

    Of course, it would be extremely cute to have four little sibling owlets, too! 😉 Maybe Miss Baby will thoughtfully wait until you complete three more owl-hats.

    I didn't realize you have five weeks to go – I hope you can take it easy, a la doctor's orders, so the new addition-to-be doesn't make a surprise early appearance.

    Susan, up the road


  3. oh yes, these are “cuuuute”. i agree that a big sis/little sis yellow & white hat would be precious.

    praying for you. can't be easy sitting with your other children used to having you up and going. take care.


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