What are they doing?


My boys! I love my boys, I really and truly love them.  I used to think they were all testosterone and crazy…..before.

Before we put Andy in wrestling.


I mean they go outside to chop (or chainsaw) and haul wood, play with creepy crawly things, work on engines in various vehicles or lawn mowers.  Then there is the fact that they eat like machines.  They do have manners though (score one for Momma). 

Andy has joined wrestling at the end of the season.  We didn’t learn about it until recently, and thought it would be a fun way for him to make friends. 


Yeah, he has a blast.  He giggles non-stop, laughs the whole time, is a little uncoordinated, and definitely not like the other 40 or so boys (and one girl) out on the mats 🙂  In fact, it seems as though he’s the only one truly enjoying himself.  The others are very serious. 


I guess we just aren’t used to taking ourselves very serious around here.  He’s just so tickled to be there, he can’t quite contain the giggles. 

Oh well. 

John tried to teach him some techniques this week.  Tanner was the practice partner……

Kind of.

Tanner giggles a lot to.

He also gets tired and easily distracted.

And then there was this……

That would be the point where Anna decided she did not want to stand by and watch her brothers, and decided to “SMASH!” Tanner.  John had to tell her to let him up.

There’s obviously a lot to learn…..by everyone.

Thank goodness it’s the end of the season.  We’ll try baseball next.  On the plus side, he interacted with the other kids just fine. 

My boys are just not overly aggressive, competitive, serious guys.

Now, Anna on the other hand………………..

2 thoughts on “What are they doing?

  1. Wow,Tanner has got some great knee-hugs! Kids with DS are so flexible, aren't they? Such cuties, all three of yours.

    Just in case I don't have a chance to communicate with you again, I'm sending very best wishes for an easy and uncomplicated arrival of your new addition in a week or two or three. She is a blessed baby to be born into your wonderful family, and I can't wait to see what she looks like and the reactions of her older siblings. I expect Anna will think she's a real, live doll, and her big brothers are going to be at her beck and call. Let's hope the warm weather sticks around for her arrival (and your travel to and from the hospital).

    Take care,
    Susan up the road


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